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Here you’ll find information to help you prepare for a day on the water, choose a spectacular boating destination, know the weather, and to get some great advice whether you're a novice or veteran boat shopper. We intend to make your boating experience the best possible!

Before the Trip


Where to Go

Indiana State Parks & Reservoirs

An interactive map of Indiana's state parks and reservoirs

Rivers & Streams In Indiana

Where to find all of Indiana's rivers and streams

Indianapolis, Indiana Boating Weather



Check The Local Indianapolis Weather

The Weather Channel has all the latest data on how it's going to look outside


Pre-Departure Checklist

Get the list here

Organize your euqipment to's recommendations and be ready to face any situation

Indianapolis, Indiana Boat Dealers Best Fishing Spots



Discover Indiana Fishing Hotspots

A comprehensive guide to Indiana fishing


Boating and the Environment
New & Used Indiana Boats For Sale Guide To Getting Started

Green Boating

Ways that the boating industry is addressing environmental worries

Reducing Fuel Usage

Ways you can lower your fuel usage as a boater

New to Owning a Boat?

Registration Fees in the State of Indiana for permits, licenses, and titles of all types

Indiana Boating Safety Course - Get your Boater Education Card here

Coast Guard Mobile App - Keep safe on the go with this free app for Android and Apple

Free Insurance Quote- Let Allstate protect your boat

Financing Your Boat - Your options for financing

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