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Meet Our Team

Mike Hoffman

♦ Owner ♦

P: 317-696-6556 




Indianapolis Indiana Boat Dealer Marine Center Company Owner Photo

Doug Polk

 ♦ Sales Manager ♦

P: 317-695-2203 


Doug joined our staff in May 2009 and he likes

boating and camping.



Tim Corey

♦ General Manager ♦

P: 317-760-7869


Tim joined our staff in March 2014 and he loves

boating and fishing.    


Fred Book

♦ Customer Relations Director ♦

P: 317-690-5825


Fred joined our staff in June 2006 and enjoys bass

fishing, woodworking, sailing, and camping.



Indianapolis Indiana Boat Dealer Customer Service Staff Photo.

Scott Gahimer

♦ Service Director ♦

P: 317-501-4953


Scott joined our staff in April 2003 and loves

going fishing, camping, and relaxing on his boat.




Indianapolis Indiana Boat Dealer Service Manager Photo

Don Fillinger

♦ Parts Manager ♦

P: 317-781-5535 ext.227


Don joined our staff in February 2012 and

he likes going to outdoor concerts,

boating, racing, and hiking.   



Nick Hadley

 ♦ Parts Specialist ♦

P: 317-781-5535 ext.209


Nick joined our staff in May 2016 and he loves riding

his motorcycle, going to the beach, and camping.



Brad Bindhamer

♦ Boating Specialist ♦

P: 317-519-7021


Brad joined our staff in March 2014 and he

likes riding his motorcycle, boating,

and spending time with his grandkids.


John McGlynn

♦ Boating Specialist ♦

P: 317-385-2071


John joined our staff in February 2014 and

loves boating, wakeboarding, tubing,

and taking his dogs out on the water.


  Nick Angeloff

♦ Chief Operations Officer ♦

P: 317-781-5535 ext.225

Nick joined our staff in February 2014 and

likes boating, hunting, and fishing.

Kimber Stancato

♦ Digital Media Coordinator ♦

P: 317-782-5523


Kimber joined our staff in November 2016 and

she likes biking, camping, and swimming.

Olivia McFadden

♦ Digital Media Coordinator ♦

P: 317-781-5535


  Olivia joined our staff in January 2017 and she

likes running, hiking, and camping.


Bobby Roberts

♦ Technician for Mercruiser, Mercury, Volvo/Penta, and OMC ♦

Bobby joined our staff in March 2015 and

he enjoys gardening, fishing, and camping.

Scott Shidler

Factory Certified Rigging Technician ♦

Scott joined our staff in March 2011 and he likes

shooting, fishing, and mushroom hunting.

J.P. Fishel

♦ Rigging/Apprentice Technician ♦

J.P. joined our staff in July 2015 and he

loves boating, golfing, and snowboarding.

Michael Whited

♦ Master Canvas and Upholstery Technician ♦

Michael joined our staff in March 1995 and he

loves boating, fishing, and walking his dogs.

Silvia Rico

♦ Showroom Detailer ♦

Silvia joined our staff in September 2006 and she

loves camping, going to the lake, and spending time

with her grandkids.

Alfredo Gallegos

♦ Detailer ♦

Alfredo joined our staff in May 2016 and he

loves camping and playing soccer.

José Alberto

♦ Detailer ♦

José joined our staff in March 2013 and he

loves camping and playing soccer.


♦ Detailer ♦

Lolelro joined our staff in December 2016 and he

loves playing soccer and going to the movies.

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