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Service Description

Engine Failure

Sometimes tragedy strikes and boats do not get winterized in time, or by a trained professional and the residual water in the engine cooling lines freezes. Ultimately, this cause the engine block to break. Depending on where the engine cracks, the signs and symptoms can be very apparent. Anything from rust streaks down the block, visible cracks on the block or manifolds, milky oil, or noticeable performance loss. If you ever notice any of the listed signs of a cracked block, get it in for inspection immediately!

Maybe you haven't noticed any milky oil, don't see any signs of cracks, but you do notice a significant loss in power. Power loss does not also mean the engine needs to be replaced, but could be signs of a significant issue. Typical power loss stems from corrosion, carbon build up in the carburetor/throttle body, worn or dirty spark plugs, or other worn ignition components that are part of regular maintenance.


To repower, typically means you're changing the engine on your boat to a newer, different horsepower, or different purpose.

Thinking of upgrading your boat, but want to keep your current outboard engine? In many cases, we can transfer those outboards without much, if any additional hardware!

Other times, you just want to replace a worn out engine with a fresh, more powerful version.

As boats and engines come in so many sizes and configurations, please call in or stop by for a service estimate.